I am learning to thank God for difficult people I come in contact with. They sure can test our obedience to God and his word. Sometimes God will place difficult people in our lives because he wants us to grow in the fruit of the spirit and build our character. Joyce Myers calls difficult people “sand paper” people. She says God uses them to smooth down the rough edges in our personality. God desires us to love the unlovable, be kind to the unkind, be patient in the face of ugly impatience and bless those who are cruel. His glory shines out of us into the darkness of people’s soul. A couple of weeks ago while out with my son, I came across a difficult person.  I failed the test and had to be reminded by my son of all people that it was a test. I am not proud of the way I reacted that day. I will make every effort to do better. I know I can’t do it if I rely on my emotions. We can only do it when we are determined in our heads to be like Jesus. Lord knows it is not easy, but we have in us the Holy Spirit that enables us to love difficult people. Just as God shows us mercy and grace, we should do the same for each other.

2 thoughts on “MERCIFUL MONDAY

  1. We must be that Light, the Light that God gives us to shine in the lives of those living in darkness. It’s not our own Light, it was given to us by God. So we don’t get the choice on when we shine it or not (see the book of Jonah). Hiding such a gift from Christ will cause us to lose that Light (see the parable of talents). Every opportunity to shine our Light is a time to glorify God and His kingdom.

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