Sometimes the injustices of life make me want to scream. So I do. The good news is I don’t go around screaming like I have lost my mind, I have found out how to scream in a way that releases my frustration and anger and also do my part to fight injustice. Of course the first step is to pray. There is power in prayer. The next step is to take action. I have heard one person cannot change the world, I disagree and I believe one person can make a difference. Whatever it is that makes you want to scream, that you are passionate about, do something. I detest Alzheimer’s, so I belong to the Alzheimer’s association and participate in the walk to end Alzheimer’s. It makes me angry when I think of how the elderly in this country is neglected so I try to advocate for them in any way I can. Don’t get me started on the homeless, hungry and healthcare in this county! You get my point. Educate yourself, research, protest or demonstration, use social media, and volunteer your time. If each of us does our part, things will change. Let’s all scream!!!!

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