We have so much to be thankful for; 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” and Ephesians 5:20 says “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;” Today while my mother and her sisters are traveling to a women’s fellowship retreat, I want to pray for traveling mercy. I also want to take this opportunity to share a poem that God put on my heart thanking all woman in Christ! No matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, know that He loves you and has prepared you for greatness in the kingdom of God, here on earth and in Heaven, Amen!

A Woman’s Hymn

Woman thou art a beloved matriarch and an honorable queen of faith.
God created me divinely unique, regardless of my size or shape.
Therefore I pray you are never made to feel uninspired or insecure.
Because our heart is full of virtue and our devotion is naturally pure.
I receive with joy the worth God has given me, so I will not hide my reflection.
Strength and courage are my spiritual weapons against any sexist message.

I meditate daily in the word of God for it is medicine to my health.
I understand that it’s through Christ that I have obtained this wealth.
My essence is nourished with beautiful wisdom from the Holy Spirit.
As a daughter of the Lord, a bride of Emmanuel and mother of all living.
I stand confident it His word, Joshua 24:15 is embedded in my mental.
So I will not allow any one to disrespect me or defile my holy temple.

I am who I am, determined to be taken seriously, regardless of the color of my skin.
Don’t falsely label me because my gender and identity is different from that of a man.
Body and soul, I too I am fearfully and marvelously made by the work of the Lord.
I am more than my most observable body parts; my womanhood need not be ignored.
Oh, how it hurts me, that people desire my services at a discounted rate or totally free.
I am not against charity, but my gifts and talents shouldn’t be overlooked & undervalued.

My success is defined by my spiritual work, I am not in competition with anyone else.
Prejudice aside, I purposely intend on letting my integrity speak for itself.
I trust God to provide me with the knowledge, resources and the directions I should take.
My mind stays focused on Him & His word so I don’t get lost somewhere along the way!
In knowing a woman’s worth, I highly value what God has bestowed upon me.
It is for that very reason I can be confident in Him and embrace my life with humility.

Please don’t feel intimidated by my intelligence or my strong certainty in my femininity.
I am the makings of a wife, but I’m also blessed with the quality of independency.
God shaped me, He created me to be a help meet, to walk in love with my husband.
We grow together without fear, being considerate and supportive we shall stand!
My womb, fruitful or barren adds to my personality of being a nurturer & a provider.
A mother, entrepreneur, professional, homemaker, moral opportunist & survivor!

My motherly instincts are fine-tuned, I accept this blessing of motherhood with grace.
A lifetime commitment to my children keeps me strengthened even on my worst of days.
I am completely & totally loyal to show forth love, responsibility & selflessness.
The gift that keeps on giving, being a mother is truly one of life’s greatest experiences.
I’ve learned to communicate & organize to better balance my business & family lifestyle.
Neglect no one, love each one and celebrate every day that you have with your child.

As a Daughter of the Kingdom, I want to represent my God, let my light shine with peace.
Holding fast to my integrity and standing strong in my faith, my sexuality is complete.
My relationship with God remains intimate as I am being led by the Holy Spirit.
I accept the role of a role model, awaiting the opportunity to inspire all who hear this.
The perfection I seek, is that which God has predestined & called into existence to be.
So, I cannot boast in myself, but best believe I walk & speak boldly through His authority!

I will not compromise my faith and my beliefs.
I will not compromise my faith and my beliefs, had to put that on repeat!
Worldly prosperity cannot liberate me, I am free because God’s standards are holy.
So, money and fame, can’t control me; dishonesty and failure, can’t control me.
I am royalty, a queen with a righteous crown that God Himself has placed upon my head.
I am every woman who reads this and sees herself in these 703 words that I have said!

Inspired by God written by Vizhun aka Clifton Johnson

~ Dedicated To All Women ~


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