I am one who does not like indecisiveness. However, I have learned that every situation should not get an immediate reaction. We may be too close to the situation to make the best decision. We may need time to get our thoughts and feelings together. We may need time to seek some advise. The situation may even need time to change. One thing for sure, nothing stays the same. Some situations require patience, not an immediate response. We must pray for patience before losing our control in trying situations. Patience is necessary in so many situations, little things such as waiting in line at the store, the slow driver in front of you, dealing with family or co-workers, and life changing decisions like should I marry or change jobs. It is really important that we don’t make rash decisions when we are angry. Remember anger is not the sin, it’s what you do with your anger that matters. This is a good example of when you do not want to react in the circumstances! This is when we should pray for patience. Whether it’s a petty annoyance or something more serious, we are counseled by scripture to show patience, so that we might better bear with wisdom both the good and bad things that happen to us. I struggle with patience. I have made many bad decisions based on what I was going through or feeling at the moment, and later regretted them. If I had only been patient and waited a little longer, thought about it some more, and definitely prayed about it, I believe I would have had better and positive outcomes. One of my son’s poems is called “ASAP”(always stop and pray). It is better to ASAP and then wait patiently for God’s answer. There are some people who have the patience of Job. I am not one of them. But I have come a long ways, thanks to God and the painful lessons of being impatient. The word patience is found 34 times in the King James version, interestingly enough all in the New Testament. Longsuffering which also mean patient is found 17 times, 4 of them in the Old Testament. Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit. I turn to God constantly in prayer asking for his help with patience. I am getting better at it. God takes his time developing us. It is a process. Read today’s scriptures in “FOOD FOR THE SOUL” the Bible has a lot to say about patience. Much Love…



  1. Motivational Monday’s word on PATIENCE. One way God explained patience to me was with my own life. He asked me to look back on all the bad decisions or circumstances that went wrong, all the negativity and He said I loved you through it all. To quote “The Shack” God said I’ve always been fond of you. Now if God can be patience with me and all the mess I did, I know I can in turn be patience towards others and situations. Now only you know what things you’ve done in your life that don’t deserve patience, but because of God’s grace He remained patience waiting on you to come to Him.


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