Long before I had to write things down and plan, I wrote things down and planned. I used to do it because it helped me stay in control of things, it also always gave me a feeling of accomplishment whenever I finished what I started and moved on to the next thing on my list. I was a control freak. I never tried to control anyone else, my motto was and still is; you do you and I do me. No, I just wanted to be in control of my life. When I reflect back, I spent so much time on trying to make sure I was on top of every and anything that might disrupt my plans for my life. That’s a hard job. No, that’s an impossible job. No wonder I was so stressed. And trust me, stress breaks down your body and mind like nothing else!  It took my life turning upside down to realize I am not in control of nothing, not even my own life? I had to be broken to the point where there was nothing left, no money, no home, no pride, just sick and tired. And that is when I reached out and gave God what was his in the first place, my life.  Thankfully I knew about God, always have, he was with me the entire time when I thought I was running my life, he was with me when my life as I knew it fell apart, and not once did he stop me from being foolish. I had to reach out to Him and give myself to Him. Oh. My. Goodness! Finally, I could exhale! It felt good. And now I can breathe, I can relax; I have this peaceful joy, no matter the circumstances or situation. And I got to not just know about Jesus, but to have a personal, intimate relation with him! Part of God’s plan is for each of us to have a personal relationship with Him. Listen, children do not have control over their lives, we as parents nurture and guide them. Every important decision is made by the parent while they are under age; we want the best for them. That is how our Father in heaven feels about us. He is a good Father. Our children, once they reach adulthood and sometimes puberty, want to be in control of their own lives. We as children of God do the same thing. Should we make plans and set goals in life? Absolutely!  But setting goals is not about what we want to do with our life. It is about what God wants to do in and through our life. We were created for a reason, and God has a specific plan for each one of us. God created the world with a plan in mind. God is not a God of confusion and disorder. He is a God of order and peace. We must learn how to plan and set goals that please Him and line up with His Word. Are you waiting to exhale? Give God your life and breathe again. The Word has a lot to say on this subject, read today’s scriptures in FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Much Love….


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