When I was a child, I thought if I had perfect grades, did everything my parents told me to do, and was a good little girl I would be loved by everybody. When that didn’t happen, I think I became obsessed with everything I did having to be perfect. Not for other people but for myself. Throughout most of my adult life I strived to be this perfect person.Not physically, but in everything I set out to do.  It worked well for my career and my  job performance. I excelled. And I decided not to worry so much about what other people thought about me as long as I felt like I was perfect. I was half right; we should not worry about what others think of us. We will never be able to please everybody all the time. The best we can do is accept people for who they are, and hope they do the same.  However, how wrong was I when I decided not to accept less than perfect from myself. I set myself up for stress and heartbreak. Someone said, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Striving for perfect performance can prevent the risk necessary for growth.” How right they were. I use to say if I can’t do it right (which meant perfect to me then) I rather not do it at all. I can see now how that could prevent growth and stop you from trying new things. Not to mention the stress and pressure you put on yourself. Example; Emmanuel was inspired by God. What I write comes from what the Holy Spirit puts in my heart. Sometimes I think it’s meant for me and sometimes it may be for someone else. Initially I was concerned about if anyone would read or share it, but God said who needed to see it, would see it. So I let him handle that. But here is the thing, I was writing every day, no matter how I felt. The pressure was on! And I let God know I was feeling a bit pressured, And God said to me, “I told you to write, I didn’t tell you to write every day.” I made that call because I felt it would be “perfect” to write every day since God is always putting something in my spirit. Ok God, I get it. Sometimes we put pressure on our own self even when we think we are doing what God wants us to do. We need to really listen when God speaks. So for now I will be blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays unless God tells me different!

In this life we will always be works in progress. Apostle Paul explained how when we try to perfect ourselves, it can blind us in our need for Christ. I should know better, because I learned this during my time in the wilderness. When I let go of my efforts to be strong and my need to be self-sufficient, that is when I experienced Jesus living within me. Only in our imperfection can we experience God’s perfect power. If we were perfect then why did Jesus die for us? It’s not about us being perfect or strong. If we humbly accept our constant need for the only perfect One, we will be strong and perfect in Him. Because if we are rooted in Him, then we can do all things through Him.

Of course we should strive to do the best in everything we do, while at the same time realizing that our best may not and does not have to be perfect. We should strive to do what is good and what is right in God’s eyes. And everything we do should be for His glory. Relying on the Father gives us the opportunity to live in a relationship with Him. Every moment we draw breath is a gift from God! We can thank him by glorifying him and doing what is pleasing in His sight. I still struggle a little with trying to do things perfect and I believe it comes from my childhood. We all come from families that are broken in one way or another. I thank God for loving us in that brokenness and for showing us what real unconditional love looks like. It is good to know God; the “Perfect” Father will never let us down, leave us, or stop loving us. I am not perfect but I am loved by the Perfect One. The more I rely on Jesus, the more peaceful and less stressful my life is.  Love and Blessings…



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