I love hot sauce. I have food with my hot sauce instead of hot sauce with my food. Don’t judge me. When I Googled “is hot sauce good for you”, I came up with a variety of results, some good, some bad. You can do the same with about any food product. And it’s not just Google; we can ask our friends and family for advice and get a different answer from each of them.  Each person has his own point of view and his own different perceptions about things. Even the “experts” tend to disagree or change their position based on their facts. And after my experience with doctors, I am a firm believer in getting second, sometimes third opinions. As a matter of fact, what is good for you depends on who you ask. Google is helpful but sometimes it can be confusing with so many conflicting answers. Google is informative but God knows everything. And God’s Word is one-hundred percent good for us all the time. God knows exactly what and who is good for us. Sometimes we get impatient waiting for an answer from God. But if we wait, He will give us exactly what we need, and who we need, at the time we need it. God knows what we need before we ask, and He has seen fit to make provisions for us before we could even think to ask. If you are seeking to build a relationship with God, His Word can keep you pure. His Word will bless you. God’s Word will protect you and give you wisdom. The Word will give you peace and comfort you. It helps you grow spiritually. God is so good to us. He left us with a guide that helps us see how to develop our relationship with Him. The Word clearly answers our questions on how to live in a world full of choices. God tells us in Scripture what’s good for us. Unlike Google, we don’t have to be confused when we read it, we can pray and ask our Father to help us interpret it correctly, and apply it sincerely in our lives. Please read today’ Scriptures in Food for the Soul and see how good the Word is for you. Love and Blessings…



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