We all play the “what if” game at times. We wonder how things could have been. We sometimes can’t help but imagine what might have been. Only If I had not been there, done that. What if I had not said that or reacted that way? The fact is we can’t rewrite history (although some people try). I try not to dwell on the what if’s but the other day I was thinking, what if my spiritual foundation had been where it is now two years ago. Would I still have ended up in the wilderness? Only God knows for sure. I believe that the storms in life can make us stronger. My mom use to say if it doesn’t kill you, if you survive, you will come out stronger. I also would like to believe if I had the faith I have now, the spiritual foundation, things may have been different. At least as far as how I handled being in the wilderness. I know now God wanted me there so He could work on me. Nothing I could have done about that. However, my “what if” was more about how I handled being in the wilderness. For instance, If I had not fought so hard to keep what God wanted to take away or if I had not been so prideful that I refused to ask for help, even from God. I told you I thought I was superwoman. What if I had not fell apart when the doctors diagnosed me and said I could not go back to work? When my life as I knew it fell apart, so did I. But now I believe my life belongs to God, so nothing or no one on this earth can destroy me. I can honestly say this because I have had trails and storms since the wilderness experience. They come with life. But because I now live for eternity and not for what is temporary, I can look at the enemy and say, is that all you got? You better get behind me satan and I mean it! It’s all because my spiritual roots have deepened, they are not just surface only. If our spiritual roots are surface only, then the storms of life will easily defeat us, but if we grow an extensive root system, complete with a deeply placed foundation, then we will be able to withstand the storms of life without losing our footing. We might bend but we won’t break! In order to have that strong root system, we must continually nourish our lives with prayer, Bible study and meditation. We must give our life to Christ and have faith that He is our Savior. He is greater than any situation or circumstance. Everything good comes from God. Anything else, whether He allows it or places us there for His reasons, we must know God’s plan is going to be fulfilled regardless and it’s for our good. Our job is to take constant steps towards deeper root growth, a solid foundation and a relationship with Christ. Then when we encounter storms we will neither fear nor worry. What if the world lived by this concept? Love and Blessings….


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