Every morning when God allows us to see the beginning of another day, we should remind ourselves of Psalm 118:24 and thank God for another day of life. Sometimes we get caught up in our little to do lists, the everyday highs and lows of life, and the tendency to chase many things, thinking that in them we will find meaning and purpose. We chase our dreams and goals, fame and wealth, relationships, perfect bodies, and so on. We believe once we achieve these things we will be content and happy. And somewhere along the line we lose perspective of the real meaning of life. That is why once the chase is over and we achieve these things, we are disappointed because we still feel empty, like something is missing, and then we start a new chase.

 Scripture tells us that King Solomon had wealth beyond measure, wisdom beyond any man of his time or ours, hundreds of women, palaces and gardens that were the envy of kingdoms, the best food and wine, and every form of entertainment available. Solomon said that anything his heart wanted, he pursued and yet he wrote he gained nothing and was chasing after the wind. He described life “under the sun” as meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 2:10-11). In other words, living life as though all there is to life is what we can see with our eyes and experience with our senses is meaningless. I believe King Solomon was disappointed because he was pursuing what he wanted instead of what God wanted for him. He writes, “I denied myself nothing, I refused my heart no pleasure, I toiled to achieve.”  No wonder he would think life was meaningless, it was all about him and not about God!

 I’m not saying there is anything wrong with pursuing your dreams and reaching for the stars. Neither is there anything wrong with fame or fortune. God wants us to have our hearts desires and live abundantly here on Earth. Psalms 34:9-10 says that we shall not want any good thing. “Then the LORD your God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand, in the offspring of your body and in the offspring of your cattle and in the produce of your ground, for the LORD will again rejoice over you for good, just as He rejoiced over your fathers;” (Deuteronomy 30:9). However, there are conditions. God just asks that we love Him, put Him first and these things shall be added. First and foremost our purpose on this earth is to glorify God! (Isaiah 43:7). If our visions and pursuits are aligned with God’s purpose for our life, then everything else will fall into place. Life is a journey. Enjoying the journey means not getting so caught up in the chase that we forget to enjoy each day that the Lord gives us. Have you ever got caught up in the little things in this life and God showed up and showed you what is really important? I know I have been guilty of this. So busy stressing over what might happen tomorrow, next week or even the next year. God wants us to not worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34). I have found that this journey called life is so much easier when you let God be your guide. Wow! If only I had let go and let God earlier in my life, I could have saved myself some pain and frustration. But God does not want us to dwell on the past(Isaiah 43:18-19)or the if only. I know now! If we are to enjoy the journey, we must be thankful and enjoy each day that God gives us. Each day is filled with new mercies and each day, whether or not we can see it, God is doing a new thing! Praise be to the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ!

 Sisters and brothers, life here, no matter how good it is, is nothing compared to the life that awaits us in heaven. The glories of heaven, eternal life, righteousness, perfection, God’s presence, rewards, and all else God has planned, is the Christian’s heavenly inheritance (1 Peter 1:3-5) and it will cause even the best life on earth to pale in comparison. Yes, let us rejoice and be glad in today as we look forward to eternity with our Lord and Savior! The real meaning of life, both now and in eternity, is found in the restoration of our relationship with God. Please read and meditate on today’s scriptures in “FOOD for the SOUL”. Love and Blessings….


  1. God recently told me that I need to embrace and enjoy every moment. No matter if it’s watching TV, gardening, working, exercising, etc. He wanted me to let go of everything else I could be doing or planning to do and really focus and enjoy whatever moment I was in. This is a confirmation of that revelation in this Motivational Monday message. I urge you sisters and brothers, enjoy following the path or journey God has you on. Even though there’s better at the end, don’t overlook the process to get there.

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    1. Praise God! He wants us to rest in Him and enjoy His gift of life. My son, I am happy that you have decided to take care of you! Love you much..


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