In the dictionary the diversity of uses and meanings combined with the complexity of the feelings involved makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, compared to other emotional states. However, the Apostle Paul tells us exactly what love is; Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). Apostle Paul says love never fails, does that mean love never ends? The Greek word translated “fails” in the NIV is related to a verb meaning “to fall.” By saying, “Love never fails,” the Bible means that God’s type of love will not fall or falter. It is constant forever. It is an Endless Love.

We humans are so desperate to find Endless Love that we pursue it more than anything else in this world. More so than money or fame. That is why we look at these people who seem to have everything and wonder why they are unhappy. Why they are not content. It is because they don’t have the one thing that they long for, that we all long for, Endless Love. We want this Endless Love so badly, we make wrong decisions, turn to the wrong people and things in pursuit of it. We are so desperate for it we do terrible things and then we suffer the consequences. The realities of life can teach us harsh lessons. And just when we think we have learned our lesson, we wander aimlessly trying to find it again. As parents we are blessed when we have this endless love with our children. I will love my children as long as I breathe. Sometimes we can even find it with friends. I have Endless Love for my friend/person who I can’t image life without. Some families are fortunate, they have this Endless Love even if the family is dysfunctional. My brother went to his eternal home this week. He was not a perfect man, but he was a perfect brother to me. I was his favorite sister. He was my broro. (hero). I have loved him all his life, unconditional. I will love him all my life. He is no longer physically with me, my heart aches with missing him, with memories of him, but most of all my heart is still full of love for him. My brother and I have Endless Love. If you are really blessed, you have that Endless Love with the man/woman in your life. If you do not yet, there is nothing wrong with being optimistic. There is nothing wrong with taking a chance on Endless Love and risking being hurt. Life is full of risk everyday.. But please be careful and give it some thought, because the wrong person can destroy the little pieces of hope that you store within. Guard your heart. Let God lead you and not your emotions!

This week when sadness and grief threatened to take over my thoughts, I think about the Endless Love of Jesus. He loved me even before I loved Him. Jesus loved me enough to die for me! He believed I was worth saving. He said He would never leave me or forsake me. He loves me unconditionally. He sits on the right-hand side of God and intercedes on my behalf. He is my way maker, provider, comforter, healer, and my peace in times of trouble! He is my strength when I am weak. Why in the world would I pursue meaningless relationships in this world when I have the Endless Love of Jesus?!!! Because of His love for me, I am not ashamed to proclaim my love for Jesus! I don’t want to be selfish with this love, I must tell you that Jesus offers this Endless Love to all. You just have to accept it. Sisters and brothers, not one person has to walk around believing they have no one that loves them. Not one person has to long for this type of love. Jesus is love and His love is endless. Please read todays scriptures. Please help me share God’s Word. Love and Blessings…..



  1. While I was reading this post and so the words “Endless Love”. My mind instantly went to the song. Whether Lionel Richie & Dianne Ross is your favorite over Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey. One thing is for sure these artist sung that song with a passion. As I listen to it now, understanding what endless Love really is, I can only imagine them singing this to our Lord and not just to each other. Endless Love is what God offers us, whether we deserve it or not.


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