This morning as I read Philippians 4, I was reminded that we must stay humble, submitting our will to God’s will. We should ask for our specific needs according to His Word, and keep praying persistently even when we don’t see the results right away. We must have hopeful expectations that God is going to show up, no matter how long it takes. I had to encourage myself because sometimes the wait is hard. The pain is real, the hurt is real, whatever the situation or circumstances you may be going through is real. But God is realer. (I think I made that word up) But you get it, He is bigger than anything we may be going through. And we that love the Lord know that the wait is always worth it! So I ask you the same questions I asked myself. Did you pray believing your prayers would be answered? Do you trust God? Do you believe that your prayers are heard even though God may be building your faith by delaying a response? If you answered yes to all those questions, then don’t worry, all is well!

Love and Blessings…

Philippians 4:4-8


  1. Expect! Michael Todd has a series entitled “Expect Effect”!. And in his message he is confirming the same message God revealed to you to write. We even had a recent Bible Study together discussing waiting with expectation. In Philippines Paul was telling them to pray with humility and thanksgiving. He went on to describe what I call the “WHATSOEVER LIST”. Simply put what so ever is good, right, positive and true, we keep our mind on that and not the negative. In verse 9, Paul urges the people to “DO” those things. I think I myself need to focus more on the doing part. I can tell somebody what the Bible says, what God says but sometimes I need to take my own advice. Letting the Light of Christ shine in your life requires us to remove emotions out of the equation. We actually have to let go and let God. And sometimes that means let go and let Gods people help. God said it’s not good for man to be alone, it wasn’t a suggestion but a command. We can be careful in the Covid-19 time and still spend time with loved ones and go about our father’s business. When the plagues came upon Egypt God didn’t tell the Israelites to change. In fact except for God sending special instructions for preparing their Exodus they continued about their daily business as normal. When the decree came against Daniel not to pray or be sent to the lions den. He opened his windows and continued doing what he did before the decree. As my mom said God is realer than any Goliath, Covid-19, racism, poverty, illness, all of it. I’ll end it on this note, it is our duty as believers to help bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2). When someone staggers, we help steady the load. If he or she is straining, we help bear the burden. If he or she is sick we come together and pray on the matter expecting healing because we know what sickness to pray for. And if he or she stumbles, we lift them up. Helping fellow believers carry the weight of their worldly troubles is one of the chief practical duties that ought to consume every Christian.

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