I have felt the pain of losing my mother, father, sister, and brothers. I have loss family members and friends. At times I  have felt abandoned and alone in the wilderness. I have not, thank God, felt the pain of losing a child. Sadly, I know parents who have. It is a lonely feeling to find yourself in the middle of a crisis or situation that you can’t explain or do anything about. I would not be honest if I said I never cried out, why Lord why? But God tells us there are some things we will never know because His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9), and some of His plans He keeps sealed until the end of time (Revelation 10:4). But still the burden may seem more than humanly possible to bear. We need answers and we ask God why is this happening? The questions we should be asking is to ourselves, will we worship and follow God even if He does not meet our expectations? Will we follow Him even when we feel forsaken? Will we trust Him with all the challenging events of life and live in faith? Even in the midst of suffering and pain will we still pray? I now understand that the Lord uses all things to accomplish His purpose for our lives. The Lord even uses evil things that come from the evil one (Proverbs 16:4). Understanding does not make the hurt or the pain any less. And of course understanding does not make us not miss our love ones. These are hard moments and we just cannot handle this type of suffering without God, our Savior (2 Cor. 1:3-4). God is always wise, always good, always trustworthy, and He is always with us (Psalm 34:18), (Isaiah 43:2). It was only when I humbled myself and allowed the Holy Spirit to fill me completely, that this new understanding brought peace and joy in spite of my losses or circumstances. 2 Cor. 12:9). I had to ask myself, who do I think I am? Jesus, who was innocent, went through so much suffering for us. Am I who was born in sin better than Jesus who was sinless? The Father abandoned Christ while Christ bore our sins on the cross (Matthew 27:46). It was the greatest price that could be paid for our sin, Christ’s suffering (1 Peter 4:1-2).Though forsaken, Christ remained faithful (Luke 22:42). So now when tragedy's come, instead of asking God why, I lean on Him for strength, I let Him dry my tears (Rev. 21:4), and I continue to trust and pray. This is where my peace comes from. I believe God does not get angry when we have questions but there is a blessing choosing faith without questions. It leads to full surrender and peace (Philippians 4:6). Don't take my word for it, read God's Word! My prayer is that each and every one who is reading this will receive this unexplainable peace that transcends all understanding, no matter your situation or circumstance. Love and Blessings...


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