Joni Hursey-Wingate

Have you ever experienced a nightmare and tried to scream and couldn’t? Well imagine living a daily horror where no one hears your cries. Situations may cause you to be wounded while the surface area remains intact. The body seems whole, but the heart is broken. There may be alarms signaling your distress, but you feel you are unable to be rescued. If you are tormented by grief, illness, betrayal, exasperation, or confusion then most likely you can identify with the concept of silent screams. Job 19:7 states, “Behold, I cry out of wrong, but I am not heard: I cry aloud, but there is no judgment.” The Lord is aware of the voice that is mute, and he hears the languishing while those in the midst are undeniably deaf. As the sad clown prepares for his awaiting audience, you too smear on the “happy face.” You seem functional while the screams are relentlessly shrilling yet soundly silent. Man is looking on the outward appearance while God sees your heart. Although the heart is sustaining a massive attack it continues to beat in systematic rhythm pumping the pain.

Issues of the heart often evoke erratic emotions. The mind, body and spirit are plagued with frantic feelings of despair. Now, one is more susceptible to sickness and disease. The brain is avidly anticipating a psychotic break while your spirit yearns for relief. This form of stress is quite serious and requires immediate attention. Visibly you are living while something so vital inside is dying. What will you do? Yes, professional help is indicated but only God is the sure cure. Remember as Christians we are to endure hardship as good soldiers (2 Timothy 2:3). Do you wonder why afflictions, mourning and weeping bring you closer to God? It may be challenging to comprehend why the Bible states a house of mourning is better than a house of mirth. Know when you are being poked with the pitchfork your character is being comprised. Think of a steak, the more it’s pierced it’s proven to be more tender and palatable. Likewise, we become pliable and prepared to fulfill God’s plan (Jeremiah 29:11). Broken Ones, realize the tougher the trial the greater the testimony. To whom much is given, much is required; so, are you really ready for the abundant blessings? Fun and laughter have its place; but the solemn are actually in position to receive God’s resonating promises.  

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5). Understand your plight is seasonal. Although your “life crops” may seem drowned and flooded with rain; stay diligent in prepping the field. God is in control of your harvest. Beloved, cease from worrying; now rest and sleep as the nightmares of your silent screams are transformed into shouts of praise that cannot be internally contained.

Author: Joni Hursey-Wingate

I would like to thank my sister in Christ for allowing me to share. This is the month of Mental Health Awareness. Millions of people face the reality of living with depression. Studies have shown that people with depression are often judged and has some type of stigma attached to them. Which is why many suffer in silence. If you or anyone you know is silently screaming because of grief, abuse, pain, or whatever is killing you on the inside, I want you to know you can take your power back. God is our source for whatever we need or are going through, but He also provides resources for us to get the help we need. Don’t be afraid to talk with someone. You may say it’s just a little depression, but the enemy wants to keep us enslaved so he will take that “little depression” and keep you in a place of despair. You will be so focused on your pain that you cannot receive the promises that God has for you. If you cannot talk with a loved one for fear of hurting or worrying them, talk with a professional. Take. Your. Power. Back! Be encouraged. Love and Blessings…

Joni Hursey-Wingate

Beyond the Burden Counseling Services

4310 Indian River Rd., Suite 4 Chesapeake, VA 23325

(757) 773-9511


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    Oh my goodness. I just read this! Thanks so much. You spotlighted me. Thank you. GOD bless you my Dear Sister!

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