When I was in the wilderness I drove my car for over a year with the engine light on and all the tires rotten. When the tires needed air, sometimes every day, I would stop and have air put in. I usually stopped at the same place and each time the guy would say “Ma’am you need tires”. It was embarrassing but most of the time I would say to myself, I know, just put air in the tire! I mean I was not driving around like that because I thought it was cute. At that point the tires were my least worry. It seemed everything around me was rotten, I myself felt like I needed air just to take the next breathe and keep going! I think back and I know God was with me because it really was dangerous. God does not stop being God because we are in the wilderness. He does not stop being a God of goodness and kindness because we are disappointed or it seems we have lost everything. I can see things now that I could not see then. There is limited vision in the wilderness and you are not able to see beyond your current circumstances. When you are in the wilderness or valley as some call it, it is there where you grow. It is there where the fruits of the spirit began to emerge. You can gain patience, perseverance, and humility. But most importantly it’s an opportunity to connect and snuggle into God’s presence. God wants us to be a Christian who never blames but always blesses. God wants us to be a believer who bears fruit in the wilderness. Tune in tomorrow and I will tell you how God delivered my car. It was a miracle!

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