I shared with you on yesterday how God watched over me while I drove my car for over a year with rotten tires. It is so amazing how one moment you are in the wilderness and you see no way out, and then finally, you give in. You don’t give up but you give in to God. And that is when God began to deliver and restore me from the wilderness. I began to trust God and worry less. So when I received notice it was time to renew my tags and pay car taxes, I didn’t worry. Even though to do that it had to pass inspection and I didn’t have money for tags, taxes or inspection. I needed a little over seven hundred dollars to make that happen. I had none of it. But what I did have, what I received during my time in the wilderness was peace and knowledge of God’s Word. He said he would take care of my needs; and he had kept that car with the rotten tires for over a year and me safe in it. I had no doubt that he would work it out. So I prayed about it and trusted Him to fix it. It’s called faith. Being in the wilderness increased my faith.

It rained the following weekend so I did not go out until Monday morning. The first thing I saw was this wet paper stuck under my wipers. I removed it and two notes had been left there. I could barely read them they were so wet. Someone had hit my car backing out. I had to look really hard to see the small dent and scratch on the passenger side. Those who know me no I’m not into cars so it was no big deal to me. I was impressed that this person had left not one but two notes! I called to thank them for letting me know (some would not have). This lady wanted my information for her insurance company. In a couple of days the adjuster came out to look at the car. I’m thinking, ok, it’s not going to be much for this little damage. The adjuster said I would receive a check that week. The amount would be seven hundred and something (don’t remember the change amount). I’m not kidding when I say my mouth opened and tears came to my eyes. The adjuster kept asking me what’s wrong and I told her that was the exact amount I needed. I told her my car story and we both cried and praised God, yes right there in my parking lot! When I received that check and me and my car went to handle business, believe me I had no problem telling anybody that would listen, God gave me this money and this is what I got to work with! Some laughed and some probably thought I was crazy. All I know is that when we seek God’s presence and request him to intervene in our situation; we can trust that he will. I believe in miracles!  (Mark 11:24)

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