I look at my life in chapters, for example my life before my mother’s stroke and my life as her caregiver after the stroke. Looking back I know God sustained me even then, but that is not the chapter I want to talk about now. I want to talk about my life after my wilderness experience. I came out of the wilderness a better person. One of the blessings I have now that I did not have before and during the wilderness is peace. This peace I have now I would not trade for anything. It has changed my life. I believe the secret of peace is our relationship with Jesus Christ. To trust in Jesus is peace. This peace goes beyond logic and understanding. I had heard that before and now I am experiencing it. It is an awesome feeling! You have that inner confidence that God is in control. Things like sickness, financial difficulties, or danger may be present, but peace reassures you that God holds our life in His hands and we can trust things will work together for good. My prayer for everyone today is that as the apostle Paul said, “May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.”

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