I woke up this morning feeling pain. My first thought was thank you Lord that I can feel. So I spoke it out loud. Then I rolled over Lupus, Fibro, and RA and got out of bed. I am growing. What you think and do really affects the way you feel, spiritually and scientifically it has been proven! My name is not what I have been diagnosed with, my name is Curleen. I am a child of God. My Father says I can have what I say. Therefore I say; I have eternal and abundant life. I walk in complete and total health, prosperity and wholeness. Disorder and confusion are bound from me and my steps, thoughts, and words are ordered of the Lord. I am calm and full of peace. I have the spirit of boldness and follow God not man. The Holy Spirit and angels are with me and order things in my life for good. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and victory is mine! That is what I say. What do you say?


  1. That is so inspiring and uplifting. You have a gift the whole world needs to hear and read. Those words and the way you put them together are awesome. You are truely let the Lord use you. That has to come from the Holy Spirit.


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