Diamonds are a crystallized form of carbon that grows from a primary carbon source subjected to very high temperatures and pressure. Diamonds also can come from outer space, delivered to Earth by meteorites that enter the atmosphere and hit the Earth’s surface. Scientists believe that these diamonds were created under similar conditions, namely high temperature and heat. The rock type produced by these volcanic activities is now known as kimberlite, named after the South African town of Kimberley where it was first discovered. If these eruptions pass through the diamond stability zone, they can carry diamonds with them in their journey to the surface. The challenge for miners and exploration companies is these kimberlite deposits must be discovered. Although geologist now know where kimberlites are most likely to occur, they are usually covered below the Earth’s surface. Exploration can be a long and often tremendously expensive process. Diamonds which are beautiful and ultimately bring joy are often the result of extremely hard labor. 

Why am I talking about diamonds? Because today someone said I was a diamond and that in order for people to know there’s a diamond, it has to be mined. Mmmmmm, I don’t know if that’s an original line or what, but I liked it. It made sense to me, and after I researched a little about diamonds it made even more sense. God created each of us as such, beautiful perfect unique diamonds. We are masterpieces created by the master. However I believe sometimes life buries us so deep into the earth or takes us so far into the wilderness that we get caught up and we are lost in the rocks. But God! He is the volcano that can burst us out to the surface! Then what? We are still covered with this dirt, we still feel weighed down by hurts and disappointments. We still feel lost, lonely, and not good enough even though we try to hide it. But God! He sends us miners. He uses them to uncover the dirt, our hurt, and our disappointments, one layer at a time. Sometimes it is a long hard process. But when the miners are sent by God, they know that diamonds are worth it, that they are rare and that ultimately the diamond will shine! Make sure the people you surround yourself with are miners who know your worth and are willing to help you shine! Click on FOOD FOR SOUL and see why in God’s eyes we are diamonds.  Please share. Much Love…..



One thought on “WISDOM WEDNESDAY

  1. I’m in awe of your wisdom and moreso that your writing reflect just how much Good loves a sinner like me. ❤️ -Shannon @ Evans Blount

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