I used to think the only reason God inspired me to write and to tell my testimonies was to bless others. If someone was going through their own wilderness, it would help them to see how God brought me through mine. Actually it has blessed me also. I would have been happy to forget those times and never mention them again. But God also knew that I needed to heal. There are some things I could not talk about without getting emotional and crying (some things I’m still working on). God knew that not only would it boost my faith to remember where he brought me from, but I would be able to see my growth. I am amazed at the change in me. When storms come at me now, and they do, it’s a different person they meet. Because I have a renewed trust and faith in the Lord, I handle things differently. The attitude you choose in a situation or while in a storm can make or break you. You know the saying what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger? That is not in the scriptures, however I believe it is true. We become stronger in the Lord and with him on our side, we are victorious! We can choose to see God’s goodness in the mist of the storm. In the wilderness, I was diagnosed with several Auto Immune Diseases. I focused on the pain and all the symptoms that come with the diagnoses. A cycle that led to depression. Should we be happy and rejoice even when we are going through? God does not expect us to rejoice in our circumstance or pain, but we can choose to rejoice in the Lord in spite of the circumstance. We must keep our gaze on God and glance at the situation. Trials can lead us to a greater dependency on God and a deeper trust in him if we let them. I wish I had learned that sooner. I wish that in the beginning of the storm I had focused more on God than my storm. This world is broken and life is sure to bring hardships. I now know no matter what, God is worthy of our praise. When we praise the Lord in spite of our circumstances, praise becomes our deliverance. Toward the end of my journey I gave up on self and leaned on God, focused on him, thanking him, and praising him for sustaining me thus far. And that’s when I began to see the rainbow. There is always a rainbow after the storm, keep your eyes on God until you see it! Please Share.  Much Love….


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