If you are going through a test and all your options are closing in without any way out, then you should start shouting! Your breakthrough is closer than you think. Let’s take a look at Daniel, (Daniel 10:1-21). He fasted and prayed for 21 days to gain greater insight into the revelations he received. Then an angelic being finally showed up with an answer to his prayers. This messenger said he had been trying to get to Daniel for those 21 day, but had been detained by the “prince of the Kingdom of Persia”. The chief angel Michael had come and freed him. It seems as events play out on earth, there is corresponding activity in the spiritual realm. This scripture shows us an example of what is taking place outside of our sight. God does not want us to know more about the angelic realm than what he revealed in the scriptures or he would have revealed more. We must believe and be patient when we pray. Some breakthroughs need fasting and praying until we hear from God. Fasting test where the heart is. And when it reveals that the heart is with God and not the world, it moves God. There was a time I could barely walk and after fasting and praying for 21 days, I ended up walking 3 to 4 miles every morning! Fasting is like prayer on steroids! Some breakthroughs are achieved quickly, others may seem to take a long time (God don’t do time). If you are praying for a breakthrough and not seeing it, in fact you are experiencing even more discouragement, frustration and doubt, you’re most likely up against more than you know. This is when your faith, determination and your endurance must kick in. When the pressure is mounting, the devil wants you to give up. I almost did. I am so thankful that I did not. If I had I would now be destitute, homeless and definitely not in my right mind. I would not be walking today. (according to doctors). Glory to God. I used my determination which some people call stubbornness. My frustration and anger helped to fuel me. Use whatever it takes to keep going, and absolutely use and lean on God. Unlike man, God loves it when we use and depend on him. I was scared and depressed but I refused to give up. I felt like a failure but I refused to give up. Whatever you do, refuse to give up! When my breakthrough came, my faith level shot up. I am still and will continue to contend for full healing. I believe there will be full restoration because I did not give up. I stood my ground and God brought me out. I don’t know how but he did it (love that song). I live each day with gratitude and joy! And now when oppositions come, I get excited because I know God is doing something I can’t see and the devil is mad! Knowing that gives me the courage and strength to keep going. I wonder how many times people give up just before a breakthrough. Please don’t be one of them. Much Love…….



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