Have you heard the quote “I love my haters, they motivate me”? I have a cap with that quote. I wear it every now and then but honestly I disagree with the “motivate me part”. I don’t believe it’s a good thing to depend on haters to motivate you. We should love them because it is not them we have to worry about; it is the evil one that is using them. Know that hate doesn’t do anything but breed negativity. Nothing good ever comes from hate. Hate belongs to the devil (which means slanderer). So let’s talk about satan (which means accuser). He works through people, sometimes our own family, or our brothers and sisters in Christ. He delights in using us believers if he can. He will fit in where he can get in. He uses his favorite possessions such as; jealously, doubt, shame, fear, pride and hate. None of those are from God. The devil uses those things and people to become what we call haters. I am thankful I don’t need haters to motivate me but if this is true for some it’s ok; just beware of whom you are dealing with. However for some people, negative feedback or criticism can be discouraging and cause them to want to give up. Do Not Give Up! Satan is a liar and a deceiver, do not underestimate him! He is often camouflaged so we don’t see him coming. He will use the people who we thought we could trust. He will use the people we love the most. He will whisper in our ear. That is why it is important we know God’s Word, so we can identify God’s voice. Remember, satan has a plan for our life jut as God has a plan. God’s plan is to prosper us, give us hope and a future. The devil’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy. So when someone tells you anything negative or you hear a whisper in your ear; stop for a moment and think, does this encourage me, or does it seek to destroy my dreams, my hope, my life? If the devil tells you that you can’t do something, you say, “I Can!”!  If he calls you anything negative, you say, “I Am Not That”! (love those words). When we do not surrender to the tricks of the devil and trust the power, wisdom, and goodness of God, we fulfill God’s purpose in letting satan live. In the end, satan serves to magnify the power, wisdom, love, grace, mercy, patience, and the wrath of Jesus Christ. When we look around us at this broken world, it may look like satan is in control. However, Jesus, not satan is in control. When satan wanted to destroy Job and prove that God was not Job’s treasure, he had to get God’s permission! God governs satan’s every move. The day will come when satan will be destroyed completely and removed from the earth. Those of us who have read the end of the Book, know that satan will lose the battle. Until then our best defense against criticism and satan’s lies is God. Seek God’s wisdom. Ask Him to help you discern the good and bad in criticism. Yes, love your haters but we don’t really need them to motivate us. God’s Word does that. According to His Word we can do all things through Christ, the Word say’s we are victorious! I choose to believe the Word over the haters. What about you? Much Love….



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