I have never been a spontaneous person. I have planned things as long as I can remember. I had my life all planned out. And when things didn’t go as planned, I just moved to plan B. Yes, I always had a plan B. I thought I knew what was best for my life. That was before the wilderness. My plan B did not stand a chance up against the wilderness! In hindsight, I feel like God was trying to get my attention. There is nothing wrong with planning, if you are getting direction, advice and guidance from God. God’s plan comes with total submission to His will and authority in our lives. There was a time when that would have been hard, giving total control to anyone, even God. I thought I knew what was best for my life. Our plans are self satisfying, temporary, and usually separate us from God. God’s plans are always best for us. God’s plan for our lives are peace, prosperity, hope, and a future with Him. Even when we follow God’s plan, there will be detours on the road we travel. We will find obstacles, persecution, hurt, pain, rejection and suffering. The difference is God will be there with us, guiding us through all of them. I believe before I ended up in the wilderness, I was following my plan. The wilderness was not in my plans so I didn’t know what to do. Once I submitted it all to him, he was right there with me in the wilderness. And what I thought was the worst thing that could happen to me, turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. He is the God of second chances. I no longer need a plan B. I know God’s plan for me is not only eternal, but full of hope, joy and peace, even in the mist of life’s storms. What do you do when God’s plan does not align with your plan? Go with God’s plan, it is always better! Check out Food for the Soul and read what God has said. Much Love…..

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