A book by Sharon Jaynes titled, Silencing the lies that steal your confidence, discusses the lies that keep us bogged down in shame, insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. We look at others and view them as examples of what we should look like or how we should act. We let these negative thoughts enter into our heads; I’m not educated enough, I’m not pretty enough, my body does not look right, I’m just not enough! I agree with Ms. Jaynes, we must silence these lies that steal our confidence! God desires perfection and our good deeds will never erase our sin. But thank God for Jesus who was perfect in every way shape and form. He took responsibility and courageously died for our sins. So even though we don’t deserve it, God loves us just as we are and knowing him will only make us better. Don’t pay attention to the world because through Christ you’re a child of God. Don’t ever feel you have to look a certain way or behave a certain way to be loved. God loves us.  God does not look on the outside for perfection. He looks at our hearts and it is a display of love not perfection that moves God. I rather live by God’s standards than the temporary standards of the world. We silence the lies by accepting God’s grace, and no longer let past failures define or confine us. We silence the lies by knowing that no matter what the world thinks of us , in God’s eyes we are beautiful and each of us is valuable to Him. We are good enough because of His power that works in and through us. Last week I had a flare-up and I did not write at all. My energy level was down to zero and I started thinking, maybe I just need to stop blogging. My Spirit said no, this is what I told you to do, and when I tell you to do something, I will give you what you need to do it. So I encourage you to not put off doing something because you feel you are not good enough. Unleash the champion in you! God chooses to do extraordinary work through ordinary people who will bring glory to his name. He is looking for believers who will be obedient regardless of how they feel, their present fears, or past failures. Whenever I start to fall in the “I’m not good enough trap”, I think about how God loved me so much he gave his only son. Am I good enough? Oh yes, I’m good enough. In fact, I’m better than good. So are you. Much Love…


  1. Awesome and true message from the Lord. We are more than conquers through Christ. So we can silence every lie. It’s a gospel song that says “Satan is the Father of lies, so whenever Satan tells you you are something, you say BODLY I am not that. Whenever Satan says you aren’t something you CONFESS I am that in Christ”.


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