There is a story where this little boy told his sister if she used an umbrella and jumped off a barn roof the umbrella would hold her up. He told her she only had to “believe so by faith”. She jumped off the barn roof and knocked herself out, suffering a minor concussion, no, it was not me but a similar story happened to me involving my sister, brother, and a wood stove. I have the burn to this day! God does not lie, what He promises, He will do. He is a promise keeper. We just have to make sure we are standing on God’s actual Word when we claim a promise. The popular saying: “I name it, I claim it”, should very well be “God names it, I claim it!  Faith has no power by itself. It only counts when it is based on a clear and unmistakably promise from God. Anything else is wishful thinking. Faith is not a tentative concept where we simply “wish” something to be true. Faith means certainty. In the Old Testament, the men and women were obedient to God, knowing by Faith that the promises He made to them would come to pass.  Wishful thinking wonders if He will, while faithful expectation testifies that He will with boldness. Someone said wishful thinking may or may not be based on the Word of God; but faith always is. I also believe there is passive faith, you know the type of faith where you know that God has promised you something but you are not willing to fight for it. Sometimes faith involves a fight, everyone else may think you are crazy, but because of your faith you will not give up and give in to the enemy without a fight. Another big difference, wishful thinking believes God is a genie or santa claus, ready to do our will; Faith knows God as our father, and we are ready to do His will. God is dependable, reliable, and worthy of our trust!  He has already kept his greatest promise, by sending Jesus to die on our behalf so we can have eternal life in Him. How can we doubt He will keep other promises He has made? I know that the Word says by His strips we are healed. So no matter how I feel and what the providers say, I am healed! At one point the doctors thought I was crazy when I claimed that, now they are amazed! In this life people will disappoint us. And we, as much as we try not to, may fall short in keeping some of our promises to others. But one thing I know for sure: God will never break his promises. He is the promise keeper! Much Love…

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