Sometimes we hold grudges or resentments over things that could be easily attributed to someone having a bad day or miscommunication. Let’s just say it is neither of those and we have legitimate reasons to feel some type of way. We still could simple write it off as their problem not ours, or we could fill our body up with hatred and resentment. When you hold grudges and harbor resentment you are only doing harm to yourself. I know from experience it can literally make you sick! Usually the other person is not aware of your feeling or they just don’t care. The more you continue to think about and judge the person, the deeper the anger and resentment grows. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “holding on to anger and resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” The truth of that statement really hit home with me. I was at Bible study and we were discussing how holding on to hurt and anger affects you. How we should forgive and forget. I was my mom’s caregiver. She had passed and I was still holding on to all the feelings of anger and resentment her sickness and death had brought between my siblings and I.  Each one of us felt we were right and said some hurtful things. I don’t know why people say as long as you don’t hit, words don’t hurt.! Very much so. Our tongues can cut deeper than a knife! Some of my  siblings did not speak to each other for years! When I heard that statement, I knew it didn’t matter who was right or wrong. I had to let go of those feelings that were slowing killing me. I asked God for help. The one’s that would not talk to me, I wrote letters. I cannot tell you how much better I felt once I forgave and asked for forgiveness in return. I realised even if they did not forgive me, I had finally stopped drinking that poison, and it felt good. Even though you forgive, it is hard to forget some things. I am amazed at how when we go to God and ask him to forgive us, not only does he forgive us, he forgets as if it never happened. Our God is an awesome God! Some people believe that to forgive someone means completely forgetting the wrongdoing they committed. And since God wants us to forgive, they tend to impress that view upon the scriptures. I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure if we should forget some things for our own good, but I believe we should not dwell on things that keep us from moving forward. What the scriptures does talk about is forgetting what we have done in our own lives in order to move forward, I don’t believe it is stating that we wipe our minds miraculously; I’m not sure if that would be possible for us. I try though. Scriptures also speaks about not letting our past dictate our futures and being able to press forward in life. The one thing that we should constantly dwell on is Jesus and the cross, which rises above and overpowers any past mistakes or sins that we committed and anyone else committed. Thank God for Jesus! What I do know is that once you release it, let it go and move on, you feel so good. Stop drinking that poison!  Much Love…..




  1. Motivational Monday’s testimony is powerful and the truth of God. It is also the message God gave me through the Holy Spirit to write my second stage play entitled “Forgive & Forget”. Thank you Lord for your word of love and truth

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