Different societies measure success in different ways. Many people measure success through wealth. You have really arrived if you are rich and famous! The way God defines success is so much different from the way the world does. Success as God sees it is something that is achieved that is of infinite, eternal value in this life and in the life to come. I believe success only can be defined according to individual purpose and divine directions. Another person cannot know you well enough to discern whether you are successful, only God who created us can do that. We cannot evaluate ourselves in the light of another’s calling. We are successful when we fulfill God’s purpose for us. We each have to dig for our own gold. That is our assignment. We have to develop what God has given us. Everyone can’t handle the success. They can’t handle notoriety, they don’t like criticism and they crumble under pressure. These things come with success. You must ask yourself are you willing to pay the price to get the blessing. Most people are in love with the image of success, but have not really thought about the total picture, the reality of possessing the blessing.  Success looks good on someone else and we think; I want that, I can do that. We don’t know the struggle that person had to get where they are. Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t give us everything we ask for at the time we ask for it? It’s not that he wants to hold anything good from us; He knows we are not ready. Unanswered prayers does not always mean no, sometimes it means not yet. God will prepare us for the purpose he has for us. He knows we need the inner ability to withstand the struggle that accompanies success. Most successful people are usually passionate people. They have tunnel vision, only focused on that one thing. And when that passionate focus is for a divine purpose, they will be successful! There are some people who will never be satisfied sitting on the bench while others play the game. They feel compelled and driven to unlock their predestined purpose. They are willing to pay the price to play. And there are those who are content sitting on the bench. But if God wants to use them, he will take them out of their comfort zone, mold and prepare them for his purpose. God is the best teacher when we let him have control. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Stay focused on your purpose and keep digging for your own gold! Much Love…






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