This life is full of parasites that can suck the life out of you if you let them. (and I’m not talking bugs). It seems every day you ducking and dodging these parasites. Your home, which should be your escape, can also shelter them. What parasites am I talking about? I’m glad you asked. To name a few, there is low self-esteem, jealously, lying, despair and guilt. There is immorality, corruption and greed. There is fear, who nurses itself in your thought life, feeding off your inner struggles and hang-ups. And last but deadly; there is the past, which won’t let you go. That’s just a few. If we let them, these parasites will attach themselves to our life, and destroy our successes and stop our dreams and goals. Everyone has had to deal with these parasites at one time or another. We all have had a rough day or a “bad night”. The good news is there will be a morning after! It is then we can rejoice, because God has blessed us with the gift of another day! It is a new day, an opportunity to push any unwanted partners, curses, or fears that stops us from achieving our goals. It is a new day to regain control and realize we have the power! We can refuse to feed the parasites, and they will eventually die. We can think positive until every negative parasite is choked to death by our positive energy. We have the power!

Ok, you may say I’m ashamed and I am broken. I have let these parasites suck the blood out of me for so long, I feel powerless and I don’t know where to begin. Begin by thanking God for the morning after, a new day, with new mercies.No need to feel ashamed. In the Kingdom of God, the good, the bad, and the ugly all have equal opportunity. God has no respect of person. In fact, faith is the only thing in this world where there is true equal opportunity. Everyone can come to Jesus. Doesn’t matter what you have or have not done. God will not look at morality and good works. He will look at your heart. He looks at the faith that lives within. The morning after, just believe that you are a child of Abraham and God does not lie. You will find the power to stand up, release the grip of parasites and boldly walk into your destiny.  The promises of God are waiting for you…. Much Love



4 thoughts on “WISDOM WEDSDAY

  1. That is an awesome message, you don’t know who it was for but I know it touched someone’s heart. That soneone is me. Continue to let God use you. God bless.


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