Perspective is a point of view. It is how we look at things. We each have our own perspective to things. Perception is the interpretation one gives through his ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. It is a way of understanding and gaining insight. The key difference between the two terms is that it is the different perspectives that help us to create our perception. Life is based on perceptions. Do not confuse them with God’s truth! Perception is based on thought. Thought comes from the mind. Change your mind, change your life! Life is all about perception. Positive verses negative. Whichever you choose will affect and most likely change your outcomes. Miracles happen every day. Blessings are all around us. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them everywhere. Actually go look in the mirror right now; you are looking at a miracle! We feel hurt when someone no longer wants us in their life, have you thought that God wanted them out of your future? The problem is not the situation, but our perception of the situation. Looking back at my time in the wilderness, the problems were nowhere near the many blessings I had, I just could not see them because I was so caught up in the problems. Of course I see that now because I try to look at things through the eyes of the Spirit. We are blinded by our feelings, other people’s opinions, and society. We can’t see, so we struggle, and we breakdown in the mist of affliction. We forget God can open any door. We may have the affliction, but the affiliation does not have to own us. It can’t keep us down, because the power belongs to God, not the affiliation. David said it was good that he was afflicted. Because he wasn’t looking at the difficulty. He realized God could bring him out. That is how we must believe. Just because your season hasn’t come yet, you have to get your perspective together and realize that God can change things in an instant. Praise your way out of that season into the next season! And another thing we have to remember, if the Lord allows us to fall into the valley or go through the wilderness, don’t do as I did, beat yourself up and have a pity party wondering what you did to deserve this! Get a grip and change your perception. Next is coming! God is stretching you, building you, preparing you for greater! Don’t look at the circumstances; take another look through the eyes of the Spirit. If it seems like this thing is going to last forever, remember the last time God brought you out. Although the exact words this too shall pass are not in the Bible, the verse in 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 talks about troubles being temporary. We either believe His Word or we don’t. There is no door closed that God cannot open. And if He shuts one He is looking out for us. Let it stay shut! To change our perception, we need to change what we think of, and if we set our minds on things that are below, here on earth, we’ll not see the things that God is doing through us and in us by what we are going through here on earth. In other words, let our heavenly thinking overshadow those things on earth; let the eternal things of God dominate our thinking over the present, evil world we live in today. One great way to change your perception is to be in the Word of God on a daily basis. My life is certainly different now, not because storms no longer come or the devil does not raise his ugly head, but because thank God my perception of life has changed. When things look overwhelming, ASAP (always stop and pray), then take another look through the eyes of the Spirit. Love and Blessings…



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