Anything meant in this world for evil, God can use for good, He is able to take our mess and turn it into a message. Today’s trail is tomorrow’s testimony. It doesn’t matter if we created the mess ourselves or not. Although God is not the author of sin, He can use our sinful nature to achieve  His purpose. When God said all things work for those who love God, All things includes both good and bad things. God can use our struggles, heartbreak, and tragedies in ways to bring about His glory and our good. God does not sin and He performs no evil. But our wise and perfect God can and sometimes does use the sin already existing in our world to fulfill His purpose. Most of the time we don’t understand the mess and how God is going to fix it. That is none of our business, how God chooses to operate is up to Him. At times, He intervenes miraculously. Other times, He works behind the scenes. And, yes, God may even allow a certain measure of freedom to evil forces in our world to bring about His will.

Look at God! So now you are out of the mess! What you gone do? When God brings us out of a mess, we are now his messengers. We now have a message to bless someone who is either going through the same mess or something similar. God did not bring us through to keep it to ourselves. I know I’m not thrilled about telling my mess, or business as some put it. I’m a private kind of person. Well we have to get over ourselves! It’s not about us. We must be obedient. We are God’s vessels. As His messengers we need to pray for Him to bring us in touch with those who need to hear and that He will open their hearts to receive.

God is the true Messenger and we are His vessels. I encourage you to stay faithful through the mess. I encourage you to keep praising His name through the mess. I encourage you to look through the mess to the One who has already overcome evil on our behalf. His name is Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. And when he blesses you out of the mess, bless someone else with the message. Much Love…..



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