Putting someone up on a pedestal and admiring them is two different things. When we put people on a pedestal and think they are perfect, we expect the impossible from them, we expect them to be more than human. Sooner or later they let us down, they show their human weakness and flaws, then we tend to blame them for letting us down. When we only have ourselves to blame! Think of it like this, when you put them up on that pedestal, they are looking down at you. The only one that sits high and looks low is God. We humans are all equal, no matter the status, fame or fortune. We all are sinners saved by grace. The only reason anyone is ever superior to you is if you believe they are. Don’t fall into that, “they can do this better or they look better than I do” trap. There are things you will be better at than other people, and there are things other people will be better at. No matter how smart a doctor, lawyer, or professor is, when they have trouble with their plumbing, they have to call a plumber! God gave each of us gifts. As far as looks, look at yourself through God’s eyes, we all are beautiful! Earlier in my life, I used to be shy. I would rarely speak my mind. And somewhere around the age of seventeen, I had a transformation.  I was able to overcome my timidness and I was rewarded with an enormous boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. I thank God for that. I respect people for who they are but I never, ever put anyone on a pedestal! My mama always said no one is better than you and you are no better than anyone else. I live by that. Sometimes people put themselves up on a pedestal by looking down at and being critical of others. It makes them feel superior. How sad is that? I believe that pedestals are lonely places that separate us rather than connect us. God intended for us to love one another and connect to others, not stand out and away from them. God’s desire is for us to love people as they are, flaws and all. That is what Jesus does.  I’m thinking it must be a lot pressure up there on that pedestal. What if I make a mistake? What if my looks fade? What if I’m no longer famous or rich? I would not want to live like that, too stressful. Oh, and beware of the pastoral pedestal. We’ve seen the headlines, high-profile pastors falling off the pedestal he has been put on. Think of the fallout and consequences under those circumstances. He and his family are hurting; the church now left wondering what happened. Was his doctrine sound that he preached from the pulpit? Was he being a hypocrite, preaching one thing and living another? How does that reflect on our church? On our faith? On God? Mature believers realize that just because a leader sinned, doesn’t necessarily mean his doctrine or preaching wasn’t sound, especially if they know the Word and know Jesus on a personal level. Our culture puts leaders on pedestals they can’t sustain. We expect our spiritual leaders to be perfect. The Bible lays out high expectations for church leaders, but it also reveals the struggles early church leaders faced. In 1 Timothy 3:1 the scripture says, “This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work.” And the next twelve verses list the qualifications required for someone who desires that position of leadership in the church. Yes, as our leaders, they should set an example. But they too are human so I’m sure the struggle is real. When they sin, they need to repent just like we would in that situation. And, just as we would want, they need our prayers, compassion and forgiveness. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be consequences to their actions. God will hold them accountable. I don’t claim to have all the answers,  however I believe we have to stop worshiping the messenger and worship the One who sends the message. The Sender is perfect, the deliver is human. Believers, please don’t put your faith in your leaders. Put your faith in God. Yes, honor the leaders He puts in your life. However, don’t expect them to be perfect and don’t put unnecessary burdens on them with that expectation. Let’s not put them, ourselves, or anyone on a pedestal. If putting someone on a pedestal means they are perfect,  God is the only one that can hold that position. Let’s look up to the one who deserves it, our Lord and Savior. Much Love…


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