The first bike I owned I was in my thirties. That is when I taught myself how to ride. I don’t remember having my own bike growing up. I remember watching other kids ride. They would take their hands off the handle bars and scream, “look no hands!” The first time I saw my son do that I was terrified. Actually the first time he rode without training wheels I was scared for him. I haven’t rode a bike in a long time, but I probably would still hold on to the handle bars like they were stuck to my hands, just as I do the steering wheel on my car. And the thought of no hands, I don’t think so! Don’t judge me; I’m a scary cat when it comes to any wheels! However, when it comes to our God, I am learning to have the fearless faith of a child. Look God, no hands! The type of faith that I can let go and let God. I know if I let the bike handle bars go, in my frightened state I would definitely fall. But even if I am afraid or unsure of a situation or circumstances, I can let go and let God and I will not fall! I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Let Go, Let God. This is not just a cliché. I know this for a fact because I am a witness. He has caught me over and over again when I let go. We are human and we are going to struggle with being afraid. God knew that we would be people who struggle with fear.  He knew that in this world darkened by sin, there would be many things to be afraid of.  If you search the Bible, the word “Fear” is mentioned 326 times.  Over and over again, God says, “Do not be afraid.” God is with us no matter what fearful time we are going through. He helps us.  We can’t do it on our own.  He gives us His Word to hide in our hearts when we are scared, His Holy Spirit to comfort us. However, it is up to us to take our hands off and let go, Look God, no hands! Even though I’m scared, even though I have no idea where I’m going, even though I’ve been hurt and abused, even though I’ve been diagnosed, even though I feel terrible, even though I lost a love one, even though I lost my job, even though I can’t pay my bills, even though…..look God, no hands! God did not give us the spirit of fear! We have to trust God and let go. If we don’t let go, fears tend to grow, sometimes out of control.  The more we are afraid, the less we live the life that God has for us.  Being afraid is like being in a prison, but God has set us free.  As His children, we can trust Him because that is what a  good Father does. When those training wheels were taken off my son’s bike, he trusted the person behind him to hold him up until he could keep going on his own. (it was not me because I probably would not have let go) And when the person let go, he kept going. That’s how our Father God works. When we let go, God holds us up. We still keep going; stopping is not an option, because we know God has our back. Father God loves us, Jesus died for us, He will not let us fall! We have to trust God more than we fear the world. I would like to ride a bike again; it’s on my bucket list, 🙂 I don’t know if I will take my hands off the handle bars, although God is helping me with putting my faith over my fears, so we will see. Have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed.  Much Love…



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